Saturday, May 29, 2010

"El amor llega solo...y cuando menos lo estamos buscando" -- E.A.

i wanted to craft a clever lil sumthin about how if i got paid every time i heard this my store would achieve more than my Columbia degree could ever but i guess what's really important is that, inspired this.

Oh, and that roughly translates to "Love comes only when we are least searching for it."

and this is a poem i wrote soon after reading that.

let me know if you wanna read it. 

the girl with the sunshine in her head

i don't usually listen to electronic music, but one of my friends put me on to something that made me explore a lil bit and that led me to this:

now, i just really like that title.

Friday, May 28, 2010

forgot to mention

a butterfly landed on my knee when I was in the park the other afternoon. made me VERY happy. and feel kinda aww shucks special. especially since it was the climax to it going back and forth between landing on different parts of my sheet and then flying away for a good 30 (?) min or so.


after a couple seconds gracing my knee, the butterfly flew away for good though. funny thing was, i had tried a couple times to put my hand near the butterfly to see if it would come on over to me, but i was better off waiting.

here's my friend,

took me a little while to notice part of one of the wings was missing though
didn't take a way from anything
i couldn't tell when he flew :j

and things like this, keep me alive  :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

you know why i like the arts?

because I always find myself going...

"Oh, you too? I can say that and be understood? People will wanna listen to it?"

That, and when people say things that I could've never described that way ever in my life but is hella awesome.
I just like learning how people think, feel and experience.

Somebody I admire in this respect is Regina Spektor. She's strange. I like how she writes and how she plays. It sounds like her... and no one else. That's dope. That's what I'm looking for. Though it can be hard to be yourself and always standing out, it's the bestest thing to see and I really don't want to live my life any other way.

i heard this and i was like, "Oh, word? I could see me writing something like this." Just 'cause I write down random observations and everyday stuff sometimes.

and this song, imagination is key
it's so refreshing to hear stories in a song or poem structure, to express something in a new way.

and this song is just fun :)

this beautiful is video

first lady of (the President of)France
first heard her in 500 Days of Summer, in "Quelqu'un m'a dit"

but i heard this song today, and this video is dope.

p.s. I'm gonna do my best to teach myself French this summer.
p.p.s. and i'ma get me a guitar
p.p.s.s. and i'ma get me a bike

b/c i've wanted to learn a new language, and get these two things for a while now.
Cool? cool.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yes! to Wednesday sunshine!

uh oh! it’s warm, the sun is shining and i done found a pick for  my afro island? My grandma’s pick with a fist at the bottom of the handle and a peace sign in the middle? Can’t tell me nuthin’ today!

I have never been “black”-er!

Let’s christen it with the funk!