Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm late but...

No introductions necessary. Just LISTEN. Lupe is wild [insert amazing, clever, dope or any other word that could quite equal the mastery]

click it (below)
Lupe Fiasco's ENEMY OF THE STATE: A Love Story
"We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd.
We want substance in the place of popularity.
We want to think our own thoughts.
We want love, not lies.
We want knowledge, understanding and peace.
We will not lose,
because we are not losers.
We are lasers."

Thursday's Will.

It makes for an interesting experience when i dance with my iPod in my bra. I find that if I move enough, my boob changes the volume. Try it with this song:
"Breathe & Stop" by Q-tip 

 Battle Studies came in the mail today. I wonder if I’ve heard enough of this cd to buy it, but I figure even if I don’t like it as much as the others I’ll have somewhat of a complete collection of John Mayer. Then I remember I don’t own all the actual cases. I own Room for Squares. My sister has Heavier Things. I burned Continuum from my late friend. Made me wonder who he left his cds to. (He had a lot). It’d be funny I’m saying this too, because he thought (or at least joked) that was one of the main reasons I was his friend.  (Not true). Makes me wonder who I’d leave mine too… who I’d leave it all too. Let’s write a practice will.

1.      Leave the CDs to whoever has the balls (or the ovaries) to ask for them. If more than one, split equally. If there is a fight over the same CD have each person tell why the CD is important to them. Mark for passion.
2.      Leave the clothes to my sister. Whatever she can’t fit or doesn’t want, give to charity… or cut it up and make cool stuff with it. Whatever, have it honored it some way.
3.      Same with shoes.
4.      Same with jewelry.
5.      Whatever writing you can find. Publish it. And try to arrange it in to making some type of sense if possible. If it’s better random, screw that.
6.      My laptop. Hopefully, it will be obsolete by the time of my death. Get all the writing off it first. The journals are password protected though. Tough cookies! But uhm, if I should feel the end is impending I’ll leave the passwords somewhere maybe. *shrugs shoulders*
7.      iPod will probably be obsolete as well. Not to mention, mine is falling apart.
8.      My home. I don’t know. How do you leave your home?
9.      I’m an organ donor.
10.  I guess you can take my locs… however that would work.
listening to Battle Studies now. So, I’m liking “Half of My Heart”
            Half of my heart’s got a real good imagination
            Half of my heart's got you
            Half of my heart’s got a right mind to tell you that
            Half of my heart won’t do

 mhmm. back to focus.
11.  I can’t think of anything else I own right now. Oh, the monies… lil’ scholarship? Make it a writing scholarship. Give it to the girl or boy who tells the truth, preferably an unflattering or embarrassing truth, with apparent disregard for frills and impressiveness. Gotta think of who I would choose to judge that though…
Maybe more at a later date.