Monday, February 14, 2011


i find i might need to create concrete and shorter writing & other projects for myself. when i get some time i sometimes misuse it and i dont want to lose tracks of things i wanna do. so...

when you have free time, but you don't quite feel like doing intense "homework"

1) freewrite to start my first nonfiction piece for class
2) try that missed connections poetry project you thot up today
3) guitar fiddle-faddling
4) take a walk
5) memoir starts and stops and recording
6) call my sister
7) call my mom
8) call my grandma
9) research travel plans
10) meditate
11) oh, oh, and just sit in God's presence.


Stay Sckrong Jessica

this is a part of my fight to "keep it together,"
it being my sanity and resolve and commitment to love.
it hasn't gone anywhere but sometimes i get tempted to let it fall out of focus.
but i'd like to maintain this balance of "keeping the faith" without "losing my mind" abt not having it currently. and i shall just continue to pray that i learn how to wake up in the morning or go to bed at night w/o feeling like someonething is missing. or rather, just get up anyway. maybe i can make a commitment to roll over in my bed once less time a day. i can do that.
i'm also looking for something to whisper to myself throughout the day or write down over & over on a notebook... it'll come to me. they'll probably be numerous. fun! ;)
believe it or not, i'm a little more chill abt it all. ijustdontwannagetcaughtup&offtrack&downtroddeningiveruppery&complacencycompromise.
i'll find a way to handle the in between time. i trust that.
aannnnyyyyywho. i enjoy/appreciate these :)

1. (he's my...)
11. (real talk. this has worked on me. and i always forget to employ it)
12. (...favorite)

i could pick certain parts of these apart but the overall message of each one is what makes them my favorites.