Saturday, May 22, 2010

i kind of love this song (like, a lot)

and i wish John Mayer was less of a douche bag and if i really believed he didn't like black women I would stop listening to him.. even though this mfer, i got all of his cds between my sister and I. dammit! but, what he said in Playboy was bs, we all (or at least, I) know this. So, I still enjoy. I done recommended him to too many people and like the fool's work too much not too. Watch your mouth! Gosh darnit. With your black back-up singers and band members. Smh.

Sweet song, ain't it?

And this was just beautiful:

and MJ, himself.

Friday, May 21, 2010

i want it i want it.

i wonder how many things God has to dress up for us to do them. Like, if someone (or some sense of something) told you to go somewhere to do something would you do it
                                  unless it was dressed up in something uniquely palatable to you?
                                      and what you want at the moment?
                                              or what you've had to experience to get your defenses down?

I call that God.

'Cause in the past year I've found myself listening to something coming from somewhere hoping it'll lead me
and it usually leads to writing
from an experience that I know will be important in the maybe not so long span of things

like when I went to Carnegie Hall to see this big shot violinist... no non nono that's the wrong word 'cause it wasn't like he was an asshole, just super talented... searching for some___ i thought was coming and instead I met a quasi-homeless man and ended up talking to him for 30 minutes. wrote about it. what else was i supposed to do?

N-E-who, i don't know how to start this sentence. It wasn't given to me yet. THERE, I got it. Some things are special. Wanting is special, with good intent... and wanting is indivisible. You want, and not less. Or you're lying to yourself. And that hurts. Lying hurts.


And just because i've been listening to it for the past couple days.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

minnie riperton

so, minnie is mighty close to marvin. 
(re: the post just before this one)

if music was still like this, i might be pregnant right now. 
(well... not really, haha. but you understand the sentiment i'm trying to express)

 has anyone else ever been able to hit that high note?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i'm not sure if

there is an album sexier than Marvin Gaye's I Want You.
Nope. Take it back.
I'm actually pretty sure there's not.

and... I want this poster for my dorm room.

Monday, May 17, 2010

love her for declarations like these:

and of course more, but there's only so many videos to post before I'm obnoxious ;]

Fresh off the dome

I’m wondering… well, contemplatin’
I find that I’m most attracted (cough: semi-infatuated) with those that seem to have something that I don’t. Those that have some understanding or experience that I haven't accessed yet. Those that know what I don't or seem to have the answers to something I want. Mkay. Just a thought but, I wonder if I seek these things for myself (as opposed to just shining the pedestal for whoever I'd love to learn from and thus gives me the smoochie hots) then I would be happier, at least  better off? 'Cause I'm what I can control, right? Well, if I want it anyway for myself then seeking it for me instead of going "Oh gosh, so and so is so great" has more concrete gain, right? I mean, I was gonna do it anyway. Not to say that everything that I could ever learn from someone else I can just do on my own... that's not quite it. There are definitely things that I can't learn on my own that I will learn from my relationships with people. But if I'm gushing about what they are, and there's something I want for me they just might be there to serve as that example. Maybe what I'm supposed to take away is the "what" and not the "who" and everything will feel more "right" when it's a timely mix of the two or whatever is s'posed to mixed up in thurr. 
I say all this to say, that I genuinely feel like I'm hitting that place where I'm a little more interested in fawning over (read: loving and nurturing) me than worrying about this someone I haven't met yet. Because focusing on his absence, not so much with the bringing him closer. And let's keep it real, if I shine the light far and mine enough he'll find me. 
It's funny how it takes experience for you to believe things that make sense and you've thought and heard before but are only ready to accept when you're ready. Yeah, that.
If I can't have who I want, or if who I want isn't clear, isn't present, isn't here...
I can seek the what. Eyes on the what. Get to the heart of the what. Ask me about the what. Cause the what is constant. Cause the what changes. Whats important.