Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oddly enough...

i was asked twice this week if i was still blogging. of course my answer was, "No." and true. i hadn't really had an interest in it anymore, but today, i kind of do. i'm thinking it's bc


i don't lie.

but i think i've been telling a kind of lie. lately.
and that's that i'm writing.
which is not really a lie, bc i am journaling and writing down ideas for a story i want to tell but
i feel like it's a lie because it's not as consistent a "writing" as i'd like it to be, or as i believe telling people "i'm writing" connotes.

and at least, when i'm blogging, i'm writing more consistently. so, hello to blogging again.

i thought next time that i would have a theme and a whole new url and vibe and whatnot, but nah. things go better when i just do what comes naturally to me. there is something to be said for innovation, purpose, discipline, creating projects etc. and i'll just have to do all of that but not necessarily create a themed blog. maybe i just like it better when all i'm doing is sharing what's going on right now anyway.

October. this is the first time in my life, since what, i was like 4 that i wasn't in school in October. sexy. i don't feel like i should be in school either. even sexier. now, the task, finding work/supporting myself w/ a job that doesn't bore me/where hopefully i'll learn skills that matter to me. working on it. i've been 75%heartedly looking, i've got to up that to at least 85%.

but i keep myself busy in other ways. lately, volunteering & looking for more volunteering opportunities (arts/writing related). always, reading everything that piques my interest--i'm trying to be more discerning. wandering. it's sort of surprisingly sustaining.

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