Monday, September 13, 2010

you never kno when it's gonna be forever

or next. or sometime.

1. never kno who you see if you do this thing you were supposed to do a LONG time ago
2. never kno if that will matter
3. i should really be sleep so... my thoughts are all... spacey
4. if you hadn't of done that, your life wouldn't be like this
5. how much does the difference btw the what happened & the what you would've continued if it hadn't
6. too sleepy for specifics
7. so i'll get to the point. i
8. i just
9. i just spend so much
10. most of my life, trying to be
11. at the right place, at the right time
12. but without knowing it
13. without forcing it, but encouraging it
14. by thinking abt the boldest, biggest me i can be
14a. oh yeah, sometimes i know where i need to be & i stay stuck for lack of... well, cause i be trippin
15.  but, one day, it'll all make sense
16. maybe years will make sense
17. and change
18. in the meantime, do the things that stir me, no matter where they lead me
19. the lesson is there, all up in there... hurtin & happyin & angerin & numbin & the breakin' out
20. i'm schleepy.
21. night night.
22. i'm talkin 'bout all the [unh] i love.

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