Thursday, October 7, 2010


the things I wish I could say in the interest of full disclosure/keepin it realness here are too big, too personal, too easy to touch if you know me... and i can't really risk me being found out on the interwebs without my knowing. in person i know who knows what i'm knowing about me at the moment, but not online, no online anyone could be learning me without my knowing. and usually that's fine, but lately, lately the necessary people need to know first.

on a "what i can tell you" type of note
1. lots of stuff flying around in my head
2. more Chromeo addiction
3. might add a free non credit nonfiction workshop & an acting workshop to the sheh-dwool
4. i'm acting a lil in a production this semester, playing myself, an afro wig (ha.)
5. just date. one of the simplest and hardest things to keep in my mind.
6. liking people is so like, not as simple as it should be gotdammit!
7. i'm simple, ain't i'm? i like to think so.
8. there's this interesting thing that keeps happening in #7 where i was trying to write a word and instead i started spelling "know," like my mind is saying, "Just stop questioning yourself." interesante
9. so, free flow
10. nvm, that one thing i just thought when i said that was too much. so instead
11. night night.
12. night.

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