Friday, October 22, 2010

quick update.

1. it may be triflin, but after this one party i went to last Saturday, i've been doing "the Dougie" to almost every song i hear. it's actually ridiculous.
2. had a scary moment earlier this week, tears and mean to myself. a little frustration going to the wrong meeting spot for class yesterday, laid on the steps for a while in exasperation. very dramatic, very writable and hilarious. haha.
3. i need to listen to myself. i will listen to myself.
4. i'm learning how to break up work bit by bit and just to do whatever i can when i can. (it helps that one of my homework assignment is to read Richard Yates by Tao Lin, who is disturbing & ridiculous)
5. some professors actually care about you as a student, as a person. cool. i'm banking on this when i have to explain what's been wrong with me and my performance lately. i'm on the road to being better tho.
6. a mantra suggested to me by a close friend, "Just graduate."

he ain't neva lied. won't never will!

7. i told myself, since i'm typing this before i leave the library at this wild (but i've actually been productive up until now) hour while listening to Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) by Incubus bc I ain't listened to Incubus in a while and bc it would keep me from rambling and not getting to bed.

so... i'm off to log off and walk to my room, and go to bed! yes! yes yes yes.

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