Saturday, December 18, 2010

random list, 'bout time.

1. I haven't written in my journal in a long time. I don't know where to start.
2. But I also know the answer to the question implicit in that statement is: somewhere, anywhere, write.
2a. and so I shall, soon.
2b. maybe tonight.
2c. my papers mandate it. my head can't be too full of stuff while writing these things.
3. I should probably eat a snack. I only at once today and that was a bacon cheeseburger deluxe at a diner on the east side, at like 3pm. no bueno. I gotta stop doing stuff like that.
4. i'm taking a break from this list to clip my fingernails. just figured you should know.
5. listening to Musiq Soulchild as I write this. Aijuswanaseing. I remember listening to Musiq while doing puzzles in the summer. yes, I like to do puzzles. people are puzzles. as corny as it sounds. i associate the two a little bit.
6. I need to hurry up and write this paper because my tummy is starting to hurt from the not eating since 3pm, that and my head is starting the feel compacted, like it's pushing in on itself. maybe I'll buy some Doritos and drink some tea.
7. Ihaveanorange.
8. and now I'm listening to India. Arie.
9. I know when I actually start writing in my journal, I'll be writing for at least an hour. Saturday will be that day. Once this paper is done.
10. I probably should have peeled the orange before clipping my nails. haha. But I'll make it.
11. forgetting the list is up here, hours and ichiban Ramen visit from Suitey & two friends later, back to my paper.
12. sooo distracted, bc i'm sooo tired but I don't know what would happen if i took a nap right now so :/
13. stuff.
this will get done. i'm unplugging my ethernet cord.

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