Saturday, August 28, 2010

Christmas in August!

So, a couple weeks ago we were cleaning up in the basement and the garage and I discovered that we have a quite sizable collection of records. I immediately decided I was taking some back with me to school. Who cares if I don't have a turntable yet? Haha. I'll be in NY, I'll find one. It took a lil bit of time to ease them into being okay with me taking them but I shall be returning to school with several gems. I've been wanting records & a turntable ever since I interned at WKCR (though I didn't end up getting to DJ due to schedule conflicts...) 


I trust in Eargasms induced by the following 78s...





Some stuff I've never heard of from artists I know. Some thangs I'm very familiar with but would love to hear on a record. Lovely. Lovely. Little things like having these records and knowing I gotta keep my eye out for a turntable & the listening that shall follow, all make life so special :]!

AND, my grandma said we might pull out our home turntable to try each record out to make sure it works. Family fun! Haha. Seriously. I'm excited. It's an event. One that has never happened before. Oh yeah. I need something to keep me in delight with the semester I've about to have. Columbia (classes, activities, work, seniorness & future plans) is about to shove its foot up my butt & through my mouth but I'm gonna make it through. Betta believe that.

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