Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New York tomorrow.

And I shall be returning with the following things i didn't have before,

1. my guitar
2. a new haircut (and a line I'm growing comfortable with)
3. my (lil) sister? quite possible :)
4. some kitchen supplies 
5. a sense of purpose
6. some more uh grandma's back in the day flyness (reminds me i might need to do a jewelry raid up in heah soon)
7. a couple new pairs of jeans
8. some clothes from a woman that passed on this summer (long story, yes, it's strange)
9. records! and the determination to find a player for them.
10. excitement for the city, for my friends, for a fresh start, for the year, for activity. (however much it may burn an "S" in my chest with strenuous tests of energy & brain power)
11. knowledge of new (to me) music
12. a new pank bookbag :)
13. several new poems on my laptop (in various stages of editing)
14. a new project for myself (on the hush hush)
15. some old school noisemakers & random stuff from the basement/garage i'm bringing to remind me of home/trust to point to some sense of history/closeness within my family.
16. me. yeah. i didn't have me the past couple of years, not all the way. now i'm all... better & stuff ;) no self-actualization, but contentment. i'm content, and that's new. i like it a LOT. 
17. a journal that i consistently wrote in for most of the summer. this is a big deal! my writing is usually pretty scattered, but a concentrated amt of my thinking is in one place, in one book. that's kinda hollerific, i reckon. of course that means the book is full tho so
18. a new book that i will consistently write in for the fall until i finish it & start another :p
19. new hair products. tho i'm still on the lookout for something new to fall in love with that works well with my new hair style. in the meantime i shall remain true to organic root stimulator shampoo & conditioner. & Jamaican Mango & Lime grease... so, wait, what's the hair product i need again? right, stuff for curls. mmhm.
20. the feeling of missing my family. my orange walls. a couple talks. Mt. Airy? 
21. that "grown" feelin'. like i'm in charge & capable. not lost, just on a journey, a path, it might be a lil dark a couple steps ahead of me (dark meaning i can't know what's next) but i know i'll be alright. 
22. a kinder, more rockin' awesome inner monologue. i.e. equipment to be a better friend to myself. and you don't stop, keep keepin' on. 

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