Thursday, September 2, 2010

i'm tryin to figure out how i've gone so long w/o knowing abt (which is to say, listening to) Bjork

okay, so i was just gonna leave it at the video but i have to share the thoughts circling around in my head.

1. wait, why is this robot so life like?
2. why does she have eyelashes? yes!
3. why is this so beautiful?
4. wait, there's another robot?
5. wait, are these robot lesbians?
6. why does this kiss look so real?
7. why does Bjork go so hard?
8. damn, these lyrics! wow. 
9. if these two songs were the best and the only good songs she had i would be satisfied, but i know that's not true. i know there's more and that knowing goes somewhere deeper than excited, that's like vibrating around the edges of my heart right now.
10. i love when people like this appear in my life. 
11. she's so weird. it's so beautiful. 

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